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​Complete Property Trimming / Tidying Packages available;


​*Team of Qualified Gardeners for 1/2 Day (4 hours) from £295

*Team of Qualified Gardeners for a FULL Day (8 hours) from £575

Complete Property Packages can be made up & include one or more of the below 6 service areas;


Hedge Trimming Topiary Services

(Sculpting & Topiary)
Lawn Care Services
Lawn Cutting & Lawn Care
Plant Pruning Services

If you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or even sculpted, Greg & his team can instantly transform your garden by pruning your hedges to look exactly the way you want, perfect box or fancy shape.  Hedge work is best done during the Autumn & Winter months, outside of the bird nesting season form March to September.

Our lawn service includes mowing, feeding, aeration and over seeding as required, to ensure your lawn is maintained to a very high standard and in peak condition.

We always ensure the removal and disposal of all clippings,  leaving your garden neat and tidy.

It is important to keep shrubs and other plants in the garden in good condition with regular pruning. This will improve the  plant's health & shape & will encourage flowers & fruits, further promoting bursts of colour, interest & a weed free garden!

Power Washing Services
Power Washing
Patio's & Decking
Wildlife Services

Using the latest in High Pressure equipment we  provide an excellent quality, professional cleaning service for stone patio’s, decking, pathways, forecourts, car parks,  swimming pool areas, conservatories, fascias & paved and brick surfaces.



Sometimes gardens simply get out of control, you might be moving into a new home, or need to ensure a tidy garden in preparation for selling, or for a party. We will make light work of your garden rubbish clearance.

Our service covers the removal and disposal of all sorts of garden debris and waste including branches, leaves, shrubs, twigs, pot plants, lawn clippings and general litter and we always rake and sweep up before we leave.

Other Specialised Services...

We can bring a Wildlife-friendly haven for you. By gardening sympathetically for wildlife, we can provide food, water & shelter that will make a difference in promoting Wildlife! We can provide & install;

*Bird & Bat Boxes

*Butterfly & Bee garden areas

*Wild Bird Food

*Bird Feeders & Tables

*Bug Hotels & Corners

Top Quality Fencing-  
Traditional to Contemporary
Fencing Services
Flower Border Weed Prevention
Bark Mulch Border Installation
Tree Trimming & Canopy Raising 
Tree Services
New Turf Installation
New Turf

We can create & install whatever style of fence that you require!  Our Pressure Treated products include:

  • Picket & Trellis Fencing

  • Standard Horizontal Overlap (Waney) Panels

  • Vertical Feather Edge (Closeboard) Panels

  • Post & Rail with Vertical Feather Edged Slats

  • Single & Double Slatted Contemporary Panels

  • Elaborate Decorative & Bespoke Panels

  • Wooden or Concrete Posts

  • Wooden or Concrete Kick Boards

  • Fence Repairs with Concrete Spurs

  • Custom-Measured Service to Top Quality Standard!

Simply email or WhatsApp Greg the number of panels or the distance in metres or feet required to receive a free no obligatory fence estimate.

Bark Mulch installation from £50/m2.

Bark Chippings can be installed onto flower borders & beds for a number of beneficial reasons;

* Helps to suppress weeds

* Promotes Plant Hydration by keeping the soil moister for longer. Bark slows down the evaporation process, especially during warm hot sunny periods & heatwaves

* Bark Mulch chippings provide a protective blanket for plant roots from Winter frosts

* Improved Aesthetics - The Barks dark colour and rustic appearance highlights & brings forward the bright colours of the border plants & flowers
* Brand new borders can benefit even further by installing a weed barrier fabric  to further slow down weed regress. 

Simply email or WhatsApp Greg the length & width dimensions in metres or feet of the border area you require to have bark installed to receive a free & non obligatory estimate.


We offer Professional Tree Services from £250 incl.vat +  depending on the number & size of the trees you require work on.  Tree reduction work is best carried out during the Winter months when they are dormant & not actively growing.

We are able to take on Tree Work of heights up to 7.7m or 25 feet. Any work above this would require an alternative Tree Surgery Company.

Simply email or WhatsApp Greg 3 photos from 3 different angles of the tree/s that require work on, (Preferably with someone standing next to the trunk to help with calculating the height & scale) to receive a free & non obligatory estimate.

Our Professional Turf Installations include;

* Digging up of old lawn

* De-Weed & De-Stone

* Rotavation

* Adding new fresh loam top soil & soil improver

* Raking & Levelling flat

* Installation of New Top Quality Turf.

Simply email or WhatsApp Greg the length & width dimensions in metres or feet of the new turf lawn that you require to receive a free & non obligatory estimate.

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